When I relaunched the first book in my Paradise series back in February, my goal was to retain its integrity while improving upon the prose. Reformatting, editing, and a new cover were my goals. But I overlooked something crucial. It’s not that the idea didn’t dawn on me. Instead I chose to ignore what I felt, too eager about its release to listen to my gut…

As I started my preliminary steps for releasing Book 2 of Paradise (coming this summer), my gut instinct returned to insist I listen. “Two months too late,” I told myself. The feeling persisted anyway.

The fact is, as an indie author, it’s never too late. Since its conception in 2004, my Paradise series has been my forerunner and guinea pig in all my blind adventures. Why not continue the trend?

I finally paid attention to what my gut had been screaming at me all this time.

What am I driving at?

I made two mistakes. Firstly, I opted for the best cover I could find and afford at the time, without a clear vision of the series as a whole. I really do like the “imposing door” cover, but it can’t stand up against KEY OF PARADISE and they don’t blend well. Secondly, I didn’t honestly re-assess the title of Book One. I maintained the original working title out of a sense of nostalgia, not taking into account my present audience and how best to appeal to it.

  I’ve now remedied that.
I’m so proud to reveal the NEW and IMPROVED cover and title for Book
One of Paradise!  

Book One of the Paradise Series is available IMMEDIATELY!
Available on Amazon as an e-book and paperback! (With a working link this time!)

It’s also on SmashWords for $1.99 (FREE through April 20th!), and soon to be distributed by Smashwords to any reading platform you could want: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, Apple Books, Google Play, Palm OS, and even in PDF and TXT formats!

A.N. The hardcover book will be available soon. I’ll let you know when it’s back in print!
“WAIT! What if I already bought the book?”

  A lot of you have already purchased a copy of the previous edition of this book. That’s a lot of money to throw away! When I finally heeded my gut instinct to repair the cover and title to better fit the overall series, I knew it would cause a few complications and some inconvenience to my readers.


If you reply to this newsletter or email me directly at [email protected] – and attach proof of purchase for Liars Go To Paradise? in eBook OR paperback since January 2020 – I will happily purchase this new edition FOR YOU!

For those who purchased the hardcover version, the same thing will apply as soon as it’s made available!  

In parting…

  I apologize again for any trouble this choice has caused. This experience has taught me that I still have a lot to learn about indie publishing. I intend to better think through my decisions before I place any future books before you. That’s a solemn promise!  

~M. H. Woodscourt
Book 1 of Paradise: An Apology & a Remedy

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