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You’ve entered the realm of one fantasy author and her trove of fantastical worlds. Here you’ll discover dragon lairs; secret covens; airborne ships, hidden vales where fae creatures dwell; and among these, heroes rising to meet impossible odds! My focus is on publishing clean high fantasy and science-fantasy fiction enjoyable for most audiences.

Tread lightly now, lest you wake a fire-breathing beastie…

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M. H. Woodscourt


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What Readers Are Saying

The characters come to life under the author’s guidance. The settings are vivid, places I would love to see outside of my imagination.

Mandi Oyster

Review of The Crow King

A comical fantasy with a serious edge that leaves me loving the characters and wanting to know more. It takes clichés and turns them on their heads, but also cleverly plays into a few of them in a satisfying way.

Laura Barton

Review of A Liar in Paradise

I haven’t read a book with classically EVIL witches since Dahl. I didn’t know how good it could be. And the ending was amazing!

R. K. Goff

Review of October Cove

Bravery cannot be proved in the absence of fear. Be stalwart and know your cause.

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