Current Projects

Coming March 6, 2021!

Upcoming Projects...

Next book launch will be CROWNLESS, coming Spring 2021! Book 3 of Paradise is also slated for 2021 release. Meanwhile, Book 4 is in planning stages.

I’ve finished the latest draft of another high fantasy novel, but it’s in early stages of edits and won’t be released for quite some time. I’ve also completed book one of my next series debut novel (a multi-world, science-fantasy epic), and I’m excited to reveal it in late 2021 or early 2022! Stay tuned on social media and my newsletter to learn more.

Book 2 of the Last Warlock novella trilogy is at a stand-still. Something is structurally off and I refuse to force a story onward when it’s faltering, so I’m laying aside this project for now. Urban Fantasy isn’t my strongest area, but I intend to return to Matt’s world in the future, whenever it’s ready. Thanks for your understanding!

These are rough figures currently. If you’d like to be part of the early drafts for these and other WIPs, check out my Patreon and help a friendly author out, yeah?

Progress Charts

Final Edit 100%
Paradise: Book 3
Edit 3 100%
Fallen: Prequel (Novella)
Draft 1 10%
Prince of the Fallen: Book 1
Edit 1 100%
Prince of the Fallen Sequel (Title Pending)
Draft 1 15%
Untitled Trilogy: Book 1
Draft 1 10%
Bonds of Silver Dawn: Book 1
Draft 2 3%

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