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Book Order by Publication

Paradise Trilogy:
The first two books were first published as one volume in 2014.
Republished as two separate titles in 2020.

A Liar in Paradise (Book 1)
Key of Paradise (Book 2)
[Book 3 has since been written/published in 2022]

Wintervale Duology:
The Crow King (Book 1) 2020
The Winter King (Book 2) 2021

Tales of Shinac:
Crownless (a stand-alone) 2021

Record of the Sentinel Seer:
Prince of the Fallen (Book 1) 2021
Rule of the Night (Book 2) 2022
Song of the Lost (Book 3) 2022
Paths of the Broken (Book 4) 2022
Heart of the Sentinel (Book 5) 2022

Paradise Trilogy (continued):
Beyond Paradise (Book 3) 2022

Mark of Valliath Trilogy (Part of the Tales of Shinac)
Book 1 – Coming in 2023

These are ordered by publication date, and are not necessarily the suggested reading order.

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