Month: August 2020

Author Spotlight #4: Kimberly S. Ruff

Kimberly S. Ruff My featured author this month is multi-talented writer, Kimberly S. Ruff! Her credits include a children’s book, romance novels, and her epic fantasy Saving Tir na nOg, inspired by Irish mythology. Learn more about her in this exclusive interview! *** Hi, Kimberly! Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! To[…]

The Crow King: Chapters 1-3

Chapter One Mist curled over the quiet hills of Vinwen. Somewhere a bird trilled, prophesying the coming dawn, and the sun answered with a ring of gold spilling over the horizon as it peeked at the slumbering world. Lazy clouds drifted by, grey, dappled with faint pinks and yellows. Sitting on the wooden fence, Gwynter[…]

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