A fugitive storyteller running out of time.
A kingdom on the brink of collapse.
A search for a world of magic.

Storyteller Jinji Wanderlust is determined to find the legendary realm of Shinac to save his world from a dread lord trying to cross over—before a fatal illness ends his life.

Burdened with his malady, hindered by a spoiled prince, and pursued by an enemy empire, Jinji and a band of motley fugitives race across a crumbling kingdom to find the Arch between worlds.

But even if they can reach Shinac, how can a simple storyteller hope to stand against the devastating evil lurking on the other side of the magical Arch?

Previously published under the title Crownless. This is a new extended edition with bonus scenes. It is the direct prequel stand-alone to the Mark of Valliath trilogy and tells the story of how a certain prince met a certain storyteller.


Marked by Light.
Hunted by Darkness.

One year ago, Prince Jetekesh lost his friend and mentor in a fight against a powerful demon. On the heels of that solemn victory, the once-spoiled prince is determined to prove his mettle and atone for his past mistakes, whatever the cost.

When he learns that the same demon has been unleashed from its watery prison, he must seek out help to prevent large-scale devastation. Unfortunately, the source of that help dwells in the magical realm of Shinac—and the Arch to get there has been destroyed by a second dark threat.

To thwart both dangers, Jetekesh must find a new way into Shinac. With little power of his own, he embarks on a perilous quest with formidable yet mysterious companions toward a jungle country where a new Arch may be hidden. Meanwhile war brews on the horizon, monstrous creatures gather, and Jetekesh has become a beacon for all things magical, good and bad alike.

Prepare yourself for the exciting sequel trilogy to the Amazon #1 New Release YA Epic Fantasy novel Crownless!

THE Marked Prince

Called by Truth.
Stalked by Death.

Following the battle at the Lotus Court, Prince Jetekesh again sets his sights on the jungles of the Clanslands, determined to locate a new Arch into Shinac. It’s the only hope the mundane world has of surviving the coming war the girl from the Snow Wastes warned about.

Jetekesh and his company press harder than ever to reach their goal and enlist help from the Fae Prince, Sharo of Shinac. But they’re stalked by demonic creatures, and a mysterious cloaked figure is dead set on keeping Jetekesh from reaching the Arch, at any cost.

Meanwhile, Blood King Aredel of KryTeer finds himself bound by the dark fae within the magical realm. To save those he holds most dear, he must complete a single task: Kill Prince Sharo.

Facing overwhelming obstacles from all sides, Jetekesh and Aredel grapple with a greater struggle within. Both seek to escape their grief and guilt from past mistakes. But what price must each pay for redemption?


Chosen by Birth.
Rejected by Fate.

Haunted by a devastating mistake—and desperate to stop a curse—Prince Jetekesh sets out to locate the legendary Blood Fountain, even at the cost of his royal title. He won’t survive the journey alone, but after a recent betrayal who can he trust to travel with him into the very heart of Valliath?

Wrestling with heartbreak, Blood King Aredel marches to war against the unleashed Unsielie. Fueled by his wrath, Aredel seeks the tyrant king controlling the dark fae to exact his revenge…or die in the attempt.

Two worlds hang in the balance, and the power to change fate lies beyond human reach. Can a once-spoiled prince and a broken conqueror shatter the chains of their pasts and embrace hope—or will they be consumed in the fires of shame and fury?

MARK OF VaLLIATH: The Complete Series

Jinji's Curse: A TALE OF NAKANIA

Before Jinji was a wandering storyteller.
Before the Blood Prince became a conquerer.
Before they took on two worlds.

When Prince Aredel’s men turn on him, beat him nearly to death, and throw him in a river, he gives himself up for dead — but fate has another plan. Aredel is fished from the water by a peculiar shepherd with a rare gift among storytellers…

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