Paradise Series

Book 1 of Paradise: An Apology & a Remedy

When I relaunched the first book in my Paradise series back in February, my goal was to retain its integrity while improving upon the prose. Reformatting, editing, and a new cover were my goals. But I overlooked something crucial. It’s not that the idea didn’t dawn on me. Instead I chose to ignore what I[…]

A Liar in Paradise – Prologue & Ch. 1

Prologue The Liar Tears seared her eyes. The tires of her Volkswagen Beetle dug into the pavement as she swerved around sharp curves on the mountain road. Hard rock music blared through her sound system, echoing the churning anguish of her soul. As she released the steering wheel to swipe at her tears, the car[…]

Liars Go To Paradise? re-releasing as a series!

I’m so pleased to announce the re-release of my Paradise Series in Nook e-book & Hardcover at Barnes & Noble & Kindle e-book at Amazon! Preorder is now live with the release set for 2/1/2020! Paperbacks on both sites will be available in March! I’ve thought long and hard about this decision. Re-releasing a book/series[…]

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