Use my contact form! Or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, Instagram…whichever! I love to communicate with my readers and I always try to respond!

It’s not a simple process, I can tell you that much upfront. I’ve researched online, read books, and attended writer’s conferences to gain the knowledge I have.  I intend my blog and CASTLES & CROWNS podcast to answer general questions on the subject of writing and publishing, including query letters, synopses, pitches, etc. Read and listen along to learn what I know and discover!

Yes and no. I’d love to help you out, but there’s a catch. Time is precious. Between working, writing, and editing my own novels, as well as family priorities, I don’t have a lot of time left over. But if you really want me to read your novel, and you’re willing to reciprocate in kind, let’s talk!

I’ll never give up trying to become traditionally published! That said, I recognize that indie authors are a current and marvelous trend, and I’ve jumped on board to learn more about the trade and about myself. Sharing my stories with the world now has its rewards, while I continue carving my way through traditional venues. What the future holds, none can say!

Years ago I learned that someone with my legal name had already been published. Alarmed by this, I scrambled for a pen name. It ultimately came from my family history. My last name is really Wadsworth, derived from Woodscourt. The legend goes that my ancestor was part of Robin Hood’s merry men, which held court in the woods. Thus Woodscourt. Pretty cool, eh? The M. stands for Melissa and H. is taken from my long-time online handle Hikari – which means light. I’ve since calmed down about sharing my legal name with a fellow author, but the pen name has stuck, and I regret nothing.

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