Writing Tips

The Spark of an Idea!

Somehow I’ve always imagined Peter Pan and the Pied Piper as brothers. Their shared tick for snatching children away just fits so well. But I never thought it “out loud” until this week, when it struck like a bolt of lightning – though pleasanter, I suspect. (Though it may be too soon to gauge that.)[…]

Dear Novelist: To Edit or Not to Edit

DEAR NOVELIST SERIES ISSUE #1: Or when to lock the inner editor in a dungeon guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. Dear Novelist, You are reading this either because: a) You are a writer on a quest to improve your craft, b) You want to see what another writer says on this particular subject, or c)[…]

How I Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. The dread curse of the literary world. It happens to everyone. Often, the darn thing settles like a boulder in our already precarious path and doesn’t budge for days or weeks or maybe even years, leaving us parched in a creative desert. But while writer’s block is a daunting challenge to overcome, it[…]

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