I’m so pleased to announce the re-release of my Paradise Series in Nook e-book & Hardcover at Barnes & Noble & Kindle e-book at Amazon! Preorder is now live with the release set for 2/1/2020! Paperbacks on both sites will be available in March!

I’ve thought long and hard about this decision. Re-releasing a book/series can be tricky, and the readers’ first questions are usually: “What was wrong with the first version? And why should I repurchase the book?”

Good and fair questions! I’ll answer as succinctly as I can.

1. Nothing was overly wrong with the first version, except my own ignorance in formatting a book and my indifference to the story. I got it into my head that Paradise didn’t deserve to be treated like a real novel. I slapped a cover on it and sent it out in an almost apologetic manner, rather than with the loving, tender care it deserved. This is my apology to my beloved series. It has a real cover, real formatting, and a real chance at reaching new readers.

2. There’s no special reason for anyone who purchased the original book to re-purchase this one, as the story remains faithful. I have however done some smoothing and altering of text to show vs. tell and I’ve also split the book up. 170,000 words is just too long for most Young Adult audiences. And when I considered the initial serialization of Paradise, it was intended to be a series. This version therefore contains Parts 1 & 2 in this first volume titled Liars Go To Paradise? and Book 2 (title to be revealed later) will contain the 3rd Part.

But the best news is, there’s more to come than that! Lots more! But more on this later.

Liars Go To Paradise? re-releasing as a series!

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