Chapter Preview

The Winter King: Chapters 1-2

(Please note that the following chapters are pre-final edits. There might still be a typo or two riddled throughout. The Winter King is currently undergoing its final professional edit ahead of its February 6, 2021 release.) Chapter One The mouth of the cave gaped larger than Nox’s worst nightmares could ever paint. It smelled worse[…]

The Crow King: Chapters 1-3

Chapter One Mist curled over the quiet hills of Vinwen. Somewhere a bird trilled, prophesying the coming dawn, and the sun answered with a ring of gold spilling over the horizon as it peeked at the slumbering world. Lazy clouds drifted by, grey, dappled with faint pinks and yellows. Sitting on the wooden fence, Gwynter[…]

October Cove: Chapter 1 & 2

CHAPTER ONE The Corner of Main and Midnight She’d dreamed of the old oak trees again. The ones that stood against the overgrown cemetery on the edge of town. How many years had it been since she visited that horrible old copse? Not since Matt was alive. How long ago was that? Eight years? Nine?[…]

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