M.H. Woodscourt's books on Goodreads
The Crow King The Crow King (Wintervale, #1)
reviews: 14
ratings: 21 (avg rating 4.71)

October Cove October Cove (The Last Warlock, #1)
reviews: 6
ratings: 12 (avg rating 4.08)

Crownless Crownless
reviews: 12
ratings: 12 (avg rating 4.42)

The Winter King The Winter King (Wintervale, #2)
reviews: 7
ratings: 7 (avg rating 5.00)

A Liar in Paradise A Liar in Paradise (Paradise, #1)
reviews: 3
ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.80)

M. H. Woodscourt

October Cove: Chapter 1 & 2

CHAPTER ONE The Corner of Main and Midnight She’d dreamed of the old oak trees again. The ones that stood against the overgrown cemetery on the edge of town. How many years had

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Dear Novelist: To Edit or Not to Edit

DEAR NOVELIST SERIES ISSUE #1: Or when to lock the inner editor in a dungeon guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. Dear Novelist, You are reading this either because: a) You are a writer

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How I Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. The dread curse of the literary world. It happens to everyone. Often, the darn thing settles like a boulder in our already precarious path and doesn’t budge for days or weeks

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